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The Divine Communications Team

Welcome to Insta IT Service (A unit Of ARINSTA Private Limited ) (IITS PL) an Information technology company offering Computer software, IT services and IT consulting to our clients worldwide.

From a developer getting started with the latest web technology stack, to the small business that wants to host their own CRM in the cloud, to the IT manager that wants to standardize how his infrastructure is managed, saves users countless hours of configuring and setting up servers.

Health Industry being our prime domain IISPL provides Intelligent Healthcare Solutions to healthcare Verticals such as Hospitals, Specialty Clinics, Nursing Homes , Diagnostic Centers and Research Care Institutes among others.

We have 8 + years of domain expertise in healthcare processes & software systems and a huge satisfied client base of 400+ Healthcare organizations who have benefited from our solutions. After the grand success of our Hospital Management Information System in the field of healthcare verticals, now we are diversifying in the field of education segment also.

So we take a pleasure to announce our new multipurpose school & college campus management software PRECIOUS STAR – THE ULTIMATE EDUCATIONAL ERP

Quick Facts

  • Locations

    Insta IT Services was born in 2009 with headquarters in Jaipur Rajasthan and offices in Mumbai, UK London.

  • Customers

    Over a million apps and dev stacks are deployed through IITSPL each month by all types of businesses, educational institutions, non-profits and individual users around the world.

  • Growth

    We are fast-growing, profitable, and part of IMA in Mumbai (Winter 2012).

“Freakin' awesome”

  1. Matthew C. James @MatthewCJames
    The company @Divine saves a ton of time if you use #opensource
  2. Dr. D L Chapman, PhD @freeopensource1
    #Divine software is amazing. Out of the box #LAMP server with #Wordpress means anyone can run a home server with high security.
  3. Alexander D. Riddle @AlexDRiddle
    Can't get over how easy @Divine is to use. Makes it easy to test stuff rapidly.
  4. David Griffus @davidgriffus
    Bout to fire up some testing apps thanks to @divine don't know what I would do with out you guys #nerdstuff
  1. Ben Kepes @benkepes
    ICYMI - New from me.... > Divine’s growth an indicator of continuing cloud dominance
  2. Ariel Kelman @akelman
    Thank you to @divine for making it super easy for devs to run #parse server on #AWS Any market palace if available
  3. Martin Mark @MartinMark
    @Divine is INSANE. Just installed my dev env for MEAN stack and Wordpress in < 10 minutes
  4. Manny Henri @mannyhenri
    @Divine where were you a year ago...glad we're starting to use your platform! ;)

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