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Provided module of Laboratory Information system (LIS) is widely utilizing by various pathology lab to disseminate and record the information regarding all the tests performed. With this system Laboratory department receives online request generated by doctors and also permits all the laboratory personnel to generate their requests. Further, the offered Laboratory module included with ACGIL's Electra hospital information system supports all the departments to perform various tests categorized under following disciplines: Biochemistry, Microbiology, Hematology, Cytology, Neurology, Serology and Radiology.

All the performed tests are then grouped under variegated sections & sample type (specimen). By generating request, the user can easily input the sample to generate the sample number and so get a sample number printed within seconds. Sample results can be entered as per generated sample type either to one test or multiple tests. In addition, if the test result requires any approval, its supervisor's duty to approve the result and made it available for concerned doctors.

Unique Features of Laboratory Information System:

  • Search by giving unique Record ID/patient ID/Name between any two specified Dates.
  • Information gathering for the date of Referred Doctor name, Visit, etc.
  • Automatic generation of sample numbers for the subsequent samples.
  • Sticker Printing with bar codes to ensure sample identification.
  • Modified and Separate way of handling Culture & Sensitivity.
  • Effective and enhanced Inventory Management.
  • Print & generate test reports and bill receipt.
  • Provide real time communication regarding the test result to the Clinicians.
  • Normal & abnormal test values are differentiated on screen and also on printouts.
  • Amount and doctor's referrals collected from the relevant patients.
  • Records related to Incentives gets calculated doctor wise that also can be analyzed between any two given dates.

It comprises a wide range of computer programs which stores, manages and process data from numerous stages of medical tests and processes. Lab technicians or physicians of can take the assistance of LIS to supervise wide number of outpatient and inpatient testing, microbiology, immunology etc. Generally the system offers exceptional features in order to manage result entries, patient's check-in, patient demographic etc.

Using laboratory management solution, business organizations can offer excellent and outstanding services to the customers. LIS are mostly the significant part of well integrated informatics which includes number of disparatea applications.

It is a highly powerful software that also offers wide variety of workflow models to pathology lab software. There are several vendors offering comprehensive Laboratory Information system solutions with their value added services for handling all needs of hospitals and other specific modules. There are variations in available LIS depending upon the types of laboratory work. Its use is a critical IT spectrum for clinical department and mainly, it is aimed to offer overall care to the patients. Its use has satisfied lots of users and it has received good response too.