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Online CRM Solutions

Connecting Individuals with Business World

It is mandatory for every organization to grow its business in a customer focused manner and also transform it into the easily accessible platform. Maintaining the prominent and highly comprehensive online CRM by ARIITSPL anyone can attract buyers, retain appropriate business values and delight more and more customers within a short time frame. Companies looking to manage their processes along with monitoring the entire project work flow, can opt our flexible yet affordable online CRM software for their enterprise enhancement.

We will be happy to help you in choosing the software, which absolutely suits with your working environment. Utilizing this solution will turn as a great resource of marketing & sales strategies through which all small and medium enterprises achieve their business leads. The offered CRM software is the result of our team endeavors. It is precisely incorporated with the mandatory fields required to lead sales of an organization, they are:

  • Simple and holistic approach
  • Have built-in e-mail marketing functionality
  • Can be easily customized
  • High in scalability
  • Offered with after sales & service support
  • Incorporate security functions

Generating Business with Online CRM:

Prioritize business activities & sell smarter

Do you ever think that how much you spend quarreling between sales activities. ACGIL's CRM solution brings to you a better way of tracking your routine activities such as sales, calls and appointments. Due to its activity tracking functionality, you would be able to sell faster by concentrating on the customers that are important for the business today.

Facilitates visitor tracking

Visitor tracking functionality in our web based CRM gives you the complete visibility regarding all the activities done by the prospects such as the duration of each website visited, navigation of pages and the actions performed on each page. By implementing this advanced tool, you can easily prioritize the best customers to plan your further conversation with them.

Information driven marketing

It provides you the mechanism to measure & track the marketing activities including mass E-mails, campaigns and advertisements. All these ways help businesses in improving the return on investment. Now the companies using the CRM system can easily measure a customer's journey from the first click to the conversion.

Cloud Based CRM Solutions

Grow Faster and Smarter with Cloud CRM software

In today's fast business world, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is known as the real buzzword. Everybody in the business world is talking about CRM software, and even knows that how much their business will get significantly benefit by applying it in their business strategies. It doesn't matter, if your company is dealing with more than 100 employees or just a handful of staff, your company always needed the new technologies to establish much closer connections to the customers.

Almost all the industry verticals are getting more clear about their aim, hence they are ready to spend money over modern software that also provides online data access facility. In this case, cloud based CRM software can be considered as the example of modern software that has been developed with all the business concerns and also with the intention of providing the best system according to their investment.

Modules list of the solution: